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The college was established in 1963 with the name as Malaviya Regional Engineering College, Jaipur as a joint venture of the Government of India and the Government of Rajasthan, Subsequently; on June 26, 2002 the college has been given the status of National Institute of Technology and on 15 August 2007, Proclaimed Institute of National Importance through Act of Parliament.
The Institute is fully funded by Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya), Government of India. More than 12,000 students have already been graduated since its establishment.


Alumni Affairs

The MNIT Alumni Community (Alcom) has been very active since its inception and is working very hard for the benefit of students and Institute at various levels.
Under the same line Alcom organizes many activities around the year as below:
1. Guest Lectures: Guest lectures (15-20 numbers annually) are organized by the Alcom where our notable alumni share knowledge with budding engineers and ignite their minds for the purpose of social welfare by application of engineering.
2. Souvenir Shop: There is a vibrant Souvenir Shop which is maintained and run by Alcom where many high quality items with MNIT logo are available at very pocket friendly price.
3. Corpus Fund : The MNIT Alcom has Corpus fund which is mainly utilized for (i) Awarding scholarship (ii) Development of infrastructure & lab and (iii) Sponsoring Professor Chairs and activities, at MNIT Jaipur by alumni, as decided by Alumni Advisory Committee (AAC).
4. Alumni Day: Every year MNIT Alcom celebrates Golden and Silver Alumni day on 25th December and honors the alumni.
5. Felicitation: MNIT Alcom felicitates notable Alumni for their contributions towards society and MNIT Jaipur.
6. Alumni Chapter: MNIT Alcom has Chapters in different states (Ex. MH, OD etc) of India and abroad (Ex. Dubai and in many countries).
7. Training and Placement (T&P): Alcom also helps MNIT students in T&P for better and bright future.
8. Student Team: Alcom has very dynamic and progressive student team who are always ready to take any task or challenge and complete it successfully. For the same there is Student Mentorship Program.
9. Unique Alumni Identity Card: Almuni are supplied with Unique Alumni Identity Card to have special bond with the MNIT Jaipur.
10. Alumni Times: Alumni Times is magazine released by the Alcom which contains various positive information and updates regarding the MNIT, Alumni affairs etc.

Alumni Awards 2022

The Alumni Awards 2022 Ceremony was organised by MNIT Jaipur on December 24, 2022 at Neeti Sabhagar, MNIT Jaipur. Dr R.K. Tyagi, Honourable Chairman, Board of Governor, MNIT Jaipur, Prof. N.P.Padhy, Director, MNIT Jaipur, Prof. Rakesh Jain, Dean International and Alumni Affairs, MNIT Jaipur, Prof. Ajay Pal Singh Rathore, Sh. Vishwas Jain and Sh. Avinash Kumar Agarwal welcomed the esteemed alumni present.

The Alumni Awards 2022 Ceremony was organised by MNIT Jaipur on December 24, 2022 at Neeti Sabhagar, MNIT Jaipur. A total of 17 awards were given by MNIT Jaipur to their distinguished alumni and they were classified into five different categories. MNIT Lifetime Achievement Award: Ashok Belani (1982 batch), Mahavir Punia (1973 batch), Shyam Lal Uttam (1971), T. Sarangarajan (1982), Satish Kumar Agarwal (1983). Distinguished Alumni Award: Prof. Ashok M. Raichur (1990), Prof. Shekhar Bhansali (1987), Manoj Joshi (1987), Nitin Gupta (1984), Rajat Agrawal (1991), Mahesh Singhi (1986). Prof. V Srinivasan Memorial Award: Amrit Lal Meena (1987), Samir Borade (1986). Young Achiever’s Award: Megha Sharma (2005), Rakesh Gupta (2011), Rupesh Kumar Mishra (2016). Outstanding Service Award: Shailesh Patni (1986). The hard work and dedication of alumni towards their work makes the Institute and society feel proud of them. They have set an outstanding example for the coming generations through their commitment to excellence. The alumni shared various experiences which was a source of great motivation for all.


Team alcom consists of 10 subteams


The Network which takes alumni back to their golden era of life. It is an exclusive MNIT/MREC alumnus. It will help alumni to connect, communicate, interact and collaborate with fellow alumnus.


Alumni Chapter helps in maintaining a link among the alumni and provides a base for enhanced alumni activity and interaction and periodic get together to ensure better affiliation and help the alumni in staying connected with their alma mater being in their home-town.

Alumni Magazine

The purpose of the Alumni Magazine is to provide a quality, centralized institute magazine that integrates and disseminates points of pride to all Alumni. AlumniTimes aims to inspire, promote and facilitate Alumni connection, participation and support of the institute.

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The Student Alumni Mentorship Program will match MNIT alumni from all over the world with MNIT graduate students using an online platform. This program will help students gain new insight, connections, and career guidance.

Corpus Fund

To raise funds, technical support and moral encouragement from our distinguished alumni so as to facilitate various infrastructural, institutional, technical and academic development and activities of the Institute and To organize and establish scholarship funds to help the needy. more

Training & Placement

The training & internship committee has been formed with a clear intention to enhance the practical engineering experience of the students of MNIT through industrial training, internships opportunities at the premier organizations in India and abroad

Souvenir Shop

We aim to connect the honorable alumni with institute via souvenirs .souvenirs are special and significant to a person via self-extraction and help them to tell a part of their life story in order to revive the feeling of belongings.We aim to connect the honorable alumni with institute via souvenirs .

Guest Lectures

With the aim of bridging the gap between speculations and applications, experience and immaturity, to grasp the wisdom and intimate knowledge, the Guest Lectures of Distinguish Alumnie organized by Alumni Committee (ALCOM) is a step forward to enlighten young engineers of MNIT.

Alumni Awards

Alumnis are awarded with various types of awards based on their work in different fields or by their contribution to different areas of work or to MNIT directly or indirectly.

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Identity Card

ALCOM team has initiated to provide unique identity card to all alumni.It will help in college entrance, accessing college facilities and also it will provide an identification on alumni day and all other college events.


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