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Alumni affairs play a vital role in maintaining the bond between educational institutions and their graduates. By fostering connections, providing support, and facilitating opportunities for engagement, Alumni affairs contribute to the continued success and growth of both the alumni and their alma mater. Through ongoing efforts and collaboration, they ensure that the relationship between alumni and their institution remains strong and mutually beneficial for years to come.
Here are key functional areas of alumni affairs:

  1. Guest Lectures: Guest lectures (15-20 numbers annually) are organized where our notable alumni share knowledge with budding engineers and ignite their minds for the purpose of social welfare by application of engineering.Read More

Dean's Message

I am delighted to extend a warm greeting to our esteemed alumni community. It is both an honour and a pleasure to connect with you through this digital platform.

Our Institute has a rich history of producing outstanding graduates, and you, our esteemed alumni, are an integral part of that legacy. Your achievements and contributions to various fields are a testament to the exceptional education you received here. We take great pride in your successes and the impact you continue to make on the world.

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Chennai Alumni Meet

Alumni In News


1. MNIT Jaipur feels proud to congratulate its esteemed alumnus, Shri Manoj Jain (Batch of 1990 Electronics & Communication, MNIT Jaipur) Read More...


2. MNIT Jaipur feels proud to congratulate its esteemed alumnus, Shri Prashanth Asuri (2003 Batch, Chemical Engineering), Read More...


3. MNIT Jaipur feels proud to congratulate its esteemed alumnus, Shri Sunil Roy Peddoddi (Batch of 2000, Computer Science, MNIT Jaipur), Read More...



MNITJaipur celebrated the Ambulance Donation Ceremony on May 15, 2024, at Prabha Bhawan Read More...


MNITJaipur Celebrated the closing ceremony of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations on 16th March 2024, Read More...


A distinguished 1994 alumnus of #MNIT Jaipur, Prof. Avinash Kumar Agarwal Read More...


Prof. Rakesh Jain hosted the Alumni Conference & Networking Event 2024 Read More...

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