The Central library is located in the center of the Institute, making it easily accessible for visitors. It is well-equipped with new and modern furniture, including an optimizer (stacks on tracks). The sitting area for users is fully air-conditioned. Each sitting area/hall has different reading cubicles for the users. The library database has been computerized through KOHA Library Management Software, and books are issued through the RFID System & Smart card. It has a plinth area of 15,847 square feet spread across two floors (Ground and first). The reading halls of the Central Library are air-conditioned with glass partitions. The library also has separate stack halls for books, periodicals (current and bound volumes), video cassettes, a Reference Section, and a Book Bank.

Alumni of MNIT Jaipur (Formerly MREC) may gain access to the library upon payment of Rs. 10,000/- annually, Rs. 6,000/- half-yearly, Rs. 1,500/- monthly, or Rs. 100/- daily. However, they are required to deposit Rs. 5,000/- as security and provide proof of graduating from MNIT Jaipur within the last two years.

The behavior of the individual within the Institute campus must adhere to the norms of the Institute. If an external individual is found to be involved in any way in the damage of library property and the environment, their membership will be revoked, the security deposit will be forfeited, and the recommending authority will be notified. In this regard, the decision of the Director, MNIT Jaipur, will be final.

Library facilities cannot be accessed by outsiders as a public library for the purpose of preparing for various competitive examinations.