Guest House

We extend our hospitality to you through our Alumni Guest House booking service to book accommodations at our guest house for your upcoming visits, below you'll find detailed information on how to book your stay with us and our refund policy. We hope this ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience during your visit.

Step 1: Register on MNIT Jaipur Alumni Portal
Step 2: Visit the Guest House Booking Portal
Step 3: Login to Guest House Booking Portal
Step 4: Booking a Room
Step 5: Check-in Procedures
Step 6: Enjoy Your Stay
Step 7: Provide Feedback or Reviews
Step 8: Contact for Queries
Cancellation & Refund:

If you cancel the booking of the guest house and do not receive a refund after deducting applicable cancellation charges (as specified in the 'Guidelines' tab of the Guest House Portal), you can send an email to with a carbon copy (cc) to .

Following these steps will ensure a smooth booking process and a comfortable stay at the MNIT Jaipur Guest House for alumni.

Have a pleasant and comfortable stay!!