Transcripts are required for higher studies in foreign universities. Alumni of the institute can request transcripts by submitting the following documents:
  1. Application in the prescribed format ( clearly mentioning number of sets of transcripts required.
  2. Requisite fee (notices) ( in the form of cash(at account section) or Demand Draft drawn in favour of Registrar MNIT Jaipur Payable at Jaipur.
  3. The names and addresses of the Universities for which the transcript is required and iftranscripts need to be send directly to the university, the postal charges to be paid in addition to the fee.
  4. Legible Photocopies (both front & back side) of Final Degree Certificate and Grade Sheet for the number of sets required and one self-attested additional set.
  5. Proof of identify of the applicant.
  6. Envelop – A 4 size. No. of envelopes required is as per the number of the transcripts sets required.
  7. In case the applicant requests to send the documents by post a Self addressed envelope and postal charges as indicated below are also required to be submitted In the form of cash or DD drawn in favour of Registrar MNIT Jaipur Payable at Jaipur;
    • To be posted within India:- Rs. 100 upto 5 sets & Rs. 200 for 6 - 10 sets
    • To be posted overseas :- Rs. 1000 upto 5 sets & Rs. 1500 for 6 -10 sets
  8. Letter of Authority in prescribed format in Original along with the ID proof of the person authorized in case the applicant is deputing some person to receive the transcripts on his/her behalf.

Normal required time for the issue of Transcripts shall be at least 15 days from the date of submission of application.