About Alumni Affairs

Alumni affairs play a vital role in maintaining the bond between educational institutions and their graduates. By fostering connections, providing support, and facilitating opportunities for engagement, Alumni affairs contribute to the continued success and growth of both the alumni and their alma mater. Through ongoing efforts and collaboration, they ensure that the relationship between alumni and their institution remains strong and mutually beneficial for years to come.
Here are key functional areas of alumni affairs:

  1. Guest Lectures: Guest lectures (15-20 numbers annually) are organized where our notable alumni share knowledge with budding engineers and ignite their minds for the purpose of social welfare by application of engineering.
  2. Souvenir Shop: There is a vibrant Souvenir Shop where many high quality items with MNIT logo are available at pocket friendly price.
  3. Corpus Fund : The MNIT Jaipur has Corpus fund which is mainly utilized for (I) Awarding scholarship (ii) Development of infrastructure & lab and (iii) Sponsoring Professor Chairs and activities, at MNIT Jaipur by alumni, as decided by Alumni Advisory Committee (AAC).
  4. Alumni Award: Alumni awards are recognitions bestowed upon former students (alumni) by their alma mater in acknowledgment of their outstanding achievements, contributions, and service to the institution, their community, or their profession. These awards serve to honor alumni who have made significant impacts in various fields, whether it is in academia, business, public service, or philanthropy.
  5. Alumni Day: Every year MNIT Jaipur celebrates Golden and Silver Alumni day on 25th December and honors the alumni.
  6. Unique Alumni Identity Card: Almuni are supplied with Unique Alumni Identity Card to have special bond with the MNIT Jaipur.
  7. Alumni Times: Alumni Times is magazine contains various positive information and updates regarding the MNIT, Alumni affairs etc.