Alumni Id Card

ALCOM team has initiated to provide unique identity card to all will serve the following purpose:-

It will help in college entrance, accessing college facilities like Computer Center, Library, Hostels/Mess/Canteen, Department & Lab visit and also it will provide an identification on alumni day and all other college events.

Alumni ID card was launched on Alumni Day on 27 Dec 2014. Since now we have provided almost 2000 ID-Cards to our Alumni.

How to apply for ID-Card?

Step 1: Go to Alumni Web Portal and Register here. (Kindly use your Personal Email)
Step 2: Within 24 hours, you will get your username and password on your registered email.
Step 3: Now using the login details, login to your account.
Step 4: Go to bottom right corner of the webpage and click on "Alumni status and Identity Card". Fill all the required details and submit.
Step 5: Once your ID card is prepared, you will be informed through email. In case any query, you may contact us at