About Us

The Alumni of any Institute are its Brand Ambassador and represent its values and tradition.They also serves to inspire successive generation through excellence in their respective fields as well as through their contribution to the growth of their parent Institute. To establish, maintain and strengthen a Life-long mutually beneficial relationship between the Alumni and their Alma Mater, Alumni Committee-ALCOM was formed under the office of Alumni Affairs.


In order to keep alive, a sentiment of affection towards the alma-mater, unite the graduates of successive years by a common tie of fellowship, promote the welfare of the institute and encourage education, Alumni committee - ALCOM has been formed under the office of Alumni Affairs of MNIT Jaipur.

ALCOM is a student body which is working under the guidance of Faculty members and Alumni to meet out the following goals:

  • To enroll current students as associate members of Alumni Committee.
  • To run the office of Alumni Association with the support of associate members.
  • To develop MNIT Alumni web portal to connect MNIT Alumni globally.
  • To prepare a charter for Alumni Chapters and recognize them accordingly.
  • To facilitate opening of new chapters in India and abroad to enhance our reach.
  • To felicitate the Silver Jubilee batch (25 years of Passing Out) at Jaipur every year.
  • To facilitate lectures of distinguished Alumni as guests at various chapters to gain from their vast experience and wisdom.
  • To design / develop / procure souvenirs and facilitate their selling through alumni chapters and through web portal.
  • To publish Alumni Magazine and to distribute it to alumni globally.
  • To assign a Unique ID to all passing out students and to give them an Alumni Photo ID Card duly numbered.
  • To facilitate sponsorship from alumni globally for projects at MNIT Jaipur.
  • To seek help from alumni globally for appropriate practical training / research in industry.
  • To facilitate help from alumni to Entrepreneurship Development Cell to encourage Entrepreneurship amongst current students by way of discussions, meetings, combined research, etc.
  • To develop a mentoring program in which distinguished Alumni are requested to mentor at least one associate member.
  • To develop mechanism to recognize Alumni for distinguished Alumni award.
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